Bananian Linux 15.01 released

The Bananian Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate release of Bananian Linux 15.01 for Banana Pi. This update adds support for the Banana Pro and BPI-R1, along with a few bugfixes and improvements. We now support the Banana Pi, Banana Pro and BPI-R1 with just one single image. See for more information. Existing Bananian installations can easily be upgraded without losing any data or settings. Release notes: - Full hardware support for Banana Pro - Full hardware support for BPI-R1 - New hardware configuration tool: bananian-hardware - Packages added in default installation: wireless-tools, wpasupplicant, iw, usbutils - Included fex tools (bin2fex and fex2bin) - 8021q VLAN module enabled (but no VLAN configured) For a list of all changes see the Bananian 15.01 changelog: To get Bananian 15.01: In order to download Bananian 15.01, visit: Users of Bananian 14.09 or later can upgrade their existing installation using 'bananian-update'. Users of Bananian 14.08, see: